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Considering Blockchain Technolgies for the freeradiantbunny webapp

The webapp freeradiantbunny is an open source software project dedicated to helping gardeners create garden maps and lists of plants.

The webapp freeradiantbunny is a kind of inquiring system for gardeners. The system allows us to ask questions about our gardens.

The webapp freeradiantbunny is also a kind of decision support system. We can use it to help us plan the gardens.

With these goals in mind, we explore how blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies may be useful.

Using blockchain technologies within The webapp freeradiantbunny may allow gardeners to more effectively interact with seed catalogs, plant information, temperature sensors in the garden, and with expert information.

So, to help us with these gardening-based Use Cases, this blog considers blockchain technologies.

As a reference baseline, check out this webpage: "BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGIES: BUSINESS INNOVATION AND APPLICATION"

Where Does One Start to Explain Blockchain Technologies?

On this blog we approach the many technologies that have been created since the Bitcoin project started the cryptocurrencies revolution. We explore blockchain from the perspective of gardeners and our open source garden-mapping webapp.

Here is a list that introduces several main ideas that we find should be highlighted:


Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system, and a revolution in Finance that began with the publishing of the bitcoin paper in 2008.


A peer-to-peer network of computers all using the same software reaches concensus about the current state of an immutable ledger called a blockchain.


The ledger is totally out in the open and can be viewed using explorers. Owners send, receive, and view balances using software wallets.


In the wake of Bitcoin, was the creation of hundreds of cryptocurrencies.


Software code is stored on the blockchain, enabling decentralized applications often called smart contracts. These apps are public and can be thought of as programmable cash.


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Outline of Blockchain Technologies

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