DeFi (decentralized finance) is transforming the traditional financial industry by enabling anyone with an internet connection to access financial services, regardless of location or credit history.

DeFi operates on decentralized, blockchain-based platforms, allowing financial services to be: accessible, transparent, and secure.

This decentralizedfinancial landscape is enabling people:

DeFi is revolutionizing finance by effectively creating a new financial system. Decentralized currency has come to the Internet, and these virtual coins and tokens are programmable.

Furthermore, this field (DeFi) is changing rapidly. It is imperative that participants of DeFi technology do research. It may be prudent to always be on the look-out for possible scams.

The activities are captured and broadcast by a host of firms that do DeFi Analytics.

The DeFi market in growing as blockchain developers write smart contracts.

In summary, DeFi is making headway because it is:

DeFi Has Many Facets

Miscellaneous DeFi Links

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Top Ethereum DeFi Apps provides an enhanced UI to uniswap and other DeFi protocols.


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Synthetix Exchange is a protocol for trading synthetic assets on Ethereum earn, zap, APR, vaults


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Smart contract development used to interact with DeFi protocols

For example, role play the use of a smart contract that connects with Compound. Go. Deposit DAI and earn say 4% interest paid in DAI. Also bonus COMP tokens as incentive. Then go to Uniswap and swap your COMP to another cryptocurrency. Also borrow currency and earn COMP tokens (which means you can pull q percent of the tokens out). If that works, add leverage by taking out a flash loan. Consider how the interest rates differ. Remember, it may be prudent to start small when learning how.

Important DeFi Issues

Here are important DeFi issues:


1inch is the source leading high capital efficient DeFi protocols.

AAVE is a open source liquidity protocol.

Ampleforth is a decentralized finance infrastructure powering innovations in money with DAO governance protocol FORTH.

Bancor is an ecosystem of decentralized, open-source protocols that promote on-chain trading and liquidity.

Bullionix is a rare-earth Ethereum NFT Collectibles.

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