FreeRadiantBunny is free software for displaying the documentation of permaculture-style design projects.

The goal is to have a centralizing way to log all of the artifacts when designing and implementing an edible garden.

The base cases range from a simple urban household's containerezied edible forest graden to more advanced forms such as a poly-culture hedgerow on a raised-bed-style farm.

The use cases include easy input of design artifacts and an inquiring system for when it comes time to analyze the garden's plant matrix and search the connections.

Think of it as a website that has a map of the edible garden.

The map's layers are viewable as virtual trace paper, each with their own point-of-view.

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OK, so the design goal is in a systems talk. Nevertheless, let's get right to it, and describe the system. Below are 4 hyperlinks to the super important FreeRadiantBunny documentation.

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Design Theory of freeradiantbunny

The design of the software is grounded upon theory and the following pages try to explain it.

Managing the code at the conceptual level:

Managing the code at the system level:

Managing the code at the community level:

Managing the code at the application level:

Who is Radiant Bunny?

FreeRadiantBunny ToDo List

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With the release of version 1.2 there is plenty of work to be down. Check out this fun:

FreeRadiantBunny Subsystems


The subsystems aid the organization of the classes. The main documentation about subsystems is, not surprisingly, Subsystems.

Meanwhile, here were the first three subsystems that I documented.

Locations Subsystem Read about the Locations Subsystem.

Plant Lists Subsystem Read about the Plant Lists Subsystem.

Motivational Model Subsystem Read about the Motivational Model Subsystem.

For a complete list of subsystem.

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