UX Designer

A UX Designer is responsible for designing the user experience and overall feel-and-flow of a website, ensuring that it is both usable and enjoyable for users.

The UX Designer role conducts research, produces wireframes, conducts tests whereby user's exporess their preferences, develops prototypewith documentation that communicate design concepts, and leads cross-functional teams of stakesholders in writing the UX Design Briefs expressing the product to be brought online.

UX Designers aim to create products that are functional and provide a positive user experience. UX Designers produce website documentation that add value by displaying the given website through the lens of a set of standard UX Designer documents, such as wireframes site maps, concept maps, and local site use-cases.

UX Designers should have a strong understanding of a diverse set of pattern languages, including Human-Computer Interaction, Interaction Design, Information Architecture, and user-centered design principles.

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