design brief

Compared to other UX Design Docs, thedesign brief is larger. There is more text because the design brief document solidifies the scope of the webapp-designing project.

The design brief includes the following sections:

While, the design brief has many sections, the text of each section should be concise.

All of the sections combine and help the stakeholders focus of a clear understanding of the project, especially its goal and intended scope.

The design brief also serves as a guiding reference for the entire design team. The design brief is intended to be a Regular reference that helps maintain consistency and relevance through-out the design and development process.

example design brief: "Design Brief: QuickStudy Education Application"

[This design brief will guide the development of QuickStudy, ensuring a user-centric, educational webapp that enhances learning through interactive quizzes.]

project overview

Create an intuitive, mobile-friendly education webapp called QuickStudy. The app's core functionality is to present educational concepts to users and then assess their understanding through interactive quizzes. The goal is to offer a seamless and efficient learning experience for various subjects.

purpose or mission

project goals

project objectives

Develop a user-friendly interface for quick navigation and learning.

Present concepts in a clear and engaging manner using multimedia.

Implement a quiz feature to evaluate users' comprehension.

Enable users to track their progress and revisit previous concepts.

constraint mitigation

Risks and benefits, planned solutions, and sketches.

Mobile-responsive design for seamless use across devices.

Integration of a backend system to store user progress and quiz results securely.

Optimal loading times for a smooth user experience.

actions_user takes

design imperatives

Prioritize a minimalist design approach with a visually appealing color scheme and typography for easy reading. Utilize intuitive iconography and a straightforward layout to enhance usability. Ensure the quiz section is interactive and enjoyable, encouraging users to assess their knowledge regularly.

design outcomes

success measurements

history of use case

solution analysis