prototyping tools

Prototyping tools are used during UX design for several reasons:

Top Prototyping Tools

shared functions between Sketch and Figma

Shared Functions:

Drawing Tools
Both apps provide basic drawing tools like pencil, brush, and shapes.
Layer Management
They allow you to organize and manipulate layers.
Vector Editing
Both support vector editing for precise graphics.
Text Tools
You can add and format text within the apps.
Artboard Creation
Create different-sized artboards for designs.
Symbols and Components
Use reusable elements for consistency.
Image Import
Import and edit images within your designs.
Color Picker
Access a color palette for design elements.
Grids and Guides
Set up grids and guides for alignment. 1
Export Options
Both offer various export formats.
Version History
Track changes and revert if needed.
Share and collaborate on design projects.
Real-time Collaboration
Work simultaneously with others.
Create interactive prototypes for UI/UX.
Extend functionality with plugins.
Keyboard Shortcuts
Use shortcuts for faster workflows.
Asset Libraries
Access pre-built design assets.
Rulers and Measurements
Measure distances accurately.
Commenting and Feedback
Leave comments and annotations.
Responsive Design
Support responsive design principles.

Unique Functions in Sketch:

MacOS Exclusive
Sketch is available only for macOS users.
Local Software
It's installed on your computer, offering offline use. 3.
Vibrancy Effect
Offers macOS-style vibrancy effects for UI elements.

Unique Functions in Figma:

Figma is accessible on any platform via the browser.
Real-time Collaboration
Highly emphasizes real-time collaboration.
Auto Layout
Smart layout features for design elements.