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Kernel Theories for freeradiantbunny

One design imperative is to adopt a '''design science''' approach.

So, we consider design theories. This is what Dr. Courtney was telling us. He was pointing at this moon, so-to-speak. We should consider the kernel theories describing the software-coded design.

Will node modules on npm become the chapbooks of the day?

Either way, the design theories are worth exploring. The mythology of it sucks us in. The list of 10 kernel theories below is toolbox big and virtual. The following kernel theories are be consider as they relate to the freeradiantbunny software application.

This is a back-of-the-napkin list of kernel theories for an inquiring system for permaculture-gardeners.

1. Inquiring Systems Theory

2. Multiple Perspectives (see: tracing paper, TOPEA theory)

3. Zachman Architectural Framework

4. Business Motivation Model

5. Web Application (URL, HTML, HTTP)

6. asynchronous event-driven JavaScript runtime (Node.js)

7. Model View Controller (MVC & postgresql)

8. Representational State Transfer (REST)

9. Permaculture Design Method and the Permaculture Design Certificate

10. System Development Is Modeling

11. Problemography & Solutionography

12. DAO pattern for collaboration

13. free software and open source software models

14. Large Language Models and Deep Learning

15. cryptocurrency models (payments technology)

Design Theories of freeradiantbunny

The design of the software is grounded upon theory and the following pages try to explain it.

Managing the code at the conceptual level:

Managing the code at the system level:

Managing the code at the community level:

Managing the code at the application level: