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Database Schema Design

npm version 0.3.2 uses this Database Schema for Plants Subsystem

database schema

As of freeradiantbunny npm version 0.3.2, the diagram above shows the database schema for the tables in the Plants Subsystem.

older docs about the database schema:

Here are ideas about the database schema design.

There are too many tables in the database. But this partly due to the problem domain being permaculture, a topic that embraces many many many topics.

To deal with the large number of classes, classes are grouped together by freely-editable subsystems attribute.

A subsystem categorization is described below to aid in learning the tables of this schema. At times it seems that there are a large number of tables and thinking of them in smaller groups helps conceptualize the design.

Consider the conventions used during design

Consider all of the parts of the database


The schema below is a very early version.

[database schema]


This is an important way to view the database activities.

Data Types of Fields