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freeradiantbunny is a website framework to create plant lists for gardens. Once a plant list is created, the website is an inquiring system, a way for the gardener to learn about the listed plants and a way to map the garden in an ecological way.

The inspiration of the application is from the ecological design method, known as permaculture. One of the creators of the permaculture method (Mollison) reflected that modern garden design should be more information intensive than energy intensive. Grounded with that advice, the freeradiantbunny is an attempt to help people organize the information related to the design of a garden, starting with useful lists of the plants in the garden being designed.

Say you owned had a garden in your backyard and hired a permaculture designer to design the garden so that it achieves your goals. The report that a permaculture designer creates is typically called a Site Analysis and Assessment. Well, freeradiantbunny is software for displaying Site Analysis and Assessment Reports. This application is essentially a website of the garden, and a way to organize the designs of the garden and a way to inquire and learn about the garden.

So, we can say then that freeradiantbunny is an information system for developing a permaculture-based Site Analysis & Assessment report

The code is released with free software license (GNU GPL v2.0).

The project's website is: freeradiantbunny.org

The project's software repository is:

mascotThe project's mascot is "Kitto" (the Botany Bunny), a.k.a. Radiant Bunny, our intrepid spirit guide.

For more about Kitto, see Who is Radiant Bunny?

Because Permaculture Projects Are Information Intensive


The freeradiantbunny software exists to help aid people who are growing gardens in a permaculture way.

The core assumption is that permaculture projects should be information intensive, rather than energy intensive. This notion is traced to the first chapter of Bill Mollison's Introduction book.

This is why freeradiantbunny enters the scene. The purpose of this application is to help site owners and permaculture designers manage the information of the project at hand. Concepts galore are swirling around, and we organize our design documents into layers of information. One important tool of permaculture is the creation of site maps, and then adding information overlays over the site maps. A paper site map has layers in the form of trace paper. The freeradiantbunny application helps us create virtual layers.

The freeradiantbunny also brings together people into a community space for the sharing of garden design ideas and permaculture design analysis tools..

More Perspectives

freeradiantbunny is free software for displaying the documentation of permaculture-style design projects.

The goal is to have a centralizing way to log all of the artifacts when designing and implementing an edible garden.

The base cases range from a simple urban household's containerized edible forest garden to more advanced forms such as a poly-culture hedgerow on a raised-bed-style farm.

The use cases include easy input of design artifacts and an inquiring system for when it comes time to analyze the garden's plant matrix and search the connections.

Think of it as a website that has a map of the edible garden.

The map's layers are viewable as virtual trace paper, each with their own point-of-view.

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Who is Radiant Bunny?

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Goal Statements

Here are the goals of the freeradiantbunny project.

1. We have a big overall goal: freeradiantbunny helps people who grow food by helping to construct a Site Analysis and Assessment Report (website) that has plant lists.

2. We maintain a focus upon people who have adopted one or more of the following roles: observers, site owners, and permaculture designers. Specifically:

3. We maintain freeradiantbunny as a free software project and a web application.