about FreeRadiantBunny

Given that permaculture projects are information intensive, FreeRadiantBunny is software for displaying Site Analysis and Assessment Reports.

FreeRadiantBunny is an information system for developing a permaculture-based Site Anaylsis & Assessment report. The report is hosted in the form of a website and may be printed in booklet form.

The code is written in PHP. The markup is HTML5. The code's license is a free software license (GNU GPL v2.0).

The project's website's homepage is: freeradiantbunny.org

mascotThe project's mascot is "Kitto" (the Botany Bunny), a.k.a. Radiant Bunny, our intrepid spirit guide. For more about Kitto, see Who is Radiant Bunny?

Because Permaculture Projects Are Information Intensive


The FreeRadiantBunny software exists to help aid people who are growing food in a permaculture way. The core assumption is that permaculture projects are information intensive. This notion is traced to the first chapter of Bill Mollison's Introduction book. If we assume that a permaculture project has this characteristic, we are using information systems when we design and implement.

This is why FreeRadiantBunny enters the scene. The purpose of this application is to help site owners and permaculture designers manage the shall-we-say more virtual aspects of the project at hand. Concepts galore are swirling around. That's part of wonderfulness of permaculture.

Nevertheless, this is a unique abstract problem domain, and one that is ripe with possibilities. So while we dream and code, this project aims to host a community space, a place for sharing and coordination, where many people may benefit and helpful information system tools could be used by all.

For more on this, check out the following links:

FreeRadiantBunny and the Farmers's Eye


[Farmer's Eye]The Free Radiant Bunny software exists to help aid people who are growing food in a permaculture way. Well, when doing permaculture design a person makes lists of plants.

The Free Radiant Bunny program started as a way to aid in keeping these lists of plants. Of course, a simple plant list can turn into a crop plan before the butterfly flaps her wings. For a second there, the database tables where like a dust storm around me.

Now, the crazy fascinating thing that happened was that -- while analyzing that data model of a crop plan for a CSA project -- the Farmer's Eye virtual table was found. Like walking through the grass and suddenly spotting a flower of extraordinary beauty, the virtual table appeared within the database schema design. The solution is a fascinating solution because it resides in the mind, a construct of empirical observations. But, what is a virtual table but a helpful junction for many data entities.

Alas, however, the story of the Farmers's Eye is a story for another day. Because, when the sun and moon both set, all virtual table set as well over the sands.

FreeRadiantBunny is inquiring systems for permaculture designers. This adds a search box to the design project. You can ask the project questions. An inquiring system is software, a hack to help make decisions, and a way to learn about the inquiry. The design assumes that the permaculture design process is information intensive.