freeradiantbunny is free software for displaying the documentation of a permaculture-style design project. The goal is an inquiring system that queries the documentation of a permaculture-style design project.

Think of it in terms of the following freeradiantbunny use case: so, for example, say that you have a garden, or at least a space which you seek to turn into a garden. To aid in designing and growing this garden, the freeradiantbunny-based web-based system enables you to explore the information pertaining to your garden. With a single search bar you have access to the design of your garden. For example, you could search your garden's plant list for helpful information.

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where we research cryptocurrency technologies and their impacts upon the use-case of the freeradiantbunny app.

freeradiantbunny is an inquiring system for herb gardeners persuing the permaculture design method.

Radiant Bunny testing

How To Install freeradiantbunny

Install freeradiantbunny.

Radiant Bunny testing

How To Develop freeradiantbunny

The repositories of freeradiantbunny code are hosted on github. We use the git application to maintain the versions of the freeradiantbunny code. Therefore, we begin when we develop with git.

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About freeradiantbunny

freeradiantbunny is an open source / free software project dedicated to aiding the designers of permaculture-style gardens. The software is to designed to view the data of the given permaculture-style garden. Learn about freeradiantbunny.

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