freeradiantbunny News

2023-11-09 FreeRadiantBunny News RUST PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE: The freeradiantbunny has switched to the Rust programming language. The new Rust programming language version of freeradiantbunny is under the GitHub repository named "freeradiantbunny".
2023-11-09 FreeRadiantBunny News The old javascript version is on github under the GitHub repository named "freeradiantbunny-js".
2020-01-09 FreeRadiantBunny NewsDROPLET: The droplets at digitalocean are the best. I have just rebuilt a FreeRadiantBunny webserver on a droplet and it is super fun. Some documentation on the process is in the works, so stay tuned.
2018-07-23 FreeRadiantBunny News DROPLET: The website is a droplet running a Node.js webserver. Summer fun working on the classes.
2018-01-12 FreeRadiantBunny news HAPPY NEW YEAR: Node.js webserver wow and a whole new code where is an inquiring system for permaculture designers. And, the horse it rode in on:, a demo showing how to code the api. Thanks for your support!
2017-12-29 FreeRadiantBunny UPDATE: Grab ahold of the Paradigm Shifters, the platform is Node.js and, please, welcome the New Port On the Block, the webserver demo and the npm module here to start kickin' out the hypermedia jams. There are three parts: (1) the demo application called freeradiantbunny.node ( is a node.js webserver using express middleware. (2) the freeradiantbunny node-module ( ), such as it is version 0.1.0 and thank you for being on Earth! UP-NEXT: wiring up the websockets code.(3) oh, yeah, and the config file; I will post a demo version on the next cycle.
2017-12-02 FreeRadiantBunny UPDATE: On the development front, a test sertver is operational, running freeradiantbunny with a stack of classes focused on the Web Site Subsystem.
2017-11-11 FreeRadiantBunny UPDATE: Moved website to a new server.
2017-06-17 FreeRadiantBunny UPDATE: Two dev sites have now been set up. With concrete dev sites to test, the docs will be much more precise, helping repeatibility by others.
2016-05-03 FreeRadiantBunny UPDATE: Posted some new code on 2016-04-16 and getting organized for another push of development and documentation.
2016-03-26 FreeRadiantBunny UPDATE: Work done on the initiative to update all of the classes definitions. Keep in mind that the data dictionary is distributed upon the documentation for the classes. Furthermore, a strategy will be to organize the classes by grouping them by like models, with the goal that this will aid the learning of the classes. The definitions are implemented as webpages and the URL of the webpages are mentioned in each of the php files that implements the given classes definition. Be sure that the classes is all about the meta. Here is a good place to startL FreeRadiantBunny Agent Classes List.
2015-10-16 FreeRadiantBunny UPDATE: Uploaded some code fixes to bitbucket-hosted FreeRadiantBunny source code repository. Starting version 1.5.
2015-09-26 FreeRadiantBunny UPDATE: Uploaded some code fixes to bitbucket-hosted FreeRadiantBunny source code repository.
2015-06-18 FreeRadiantBunny UPDATE: Posting some code to the repository (see Distributed Version Control System). Ready to start documenting the FreeRadiantBunny Agent Classes List.